“Great Obstacles can be overcome by passionately pursuing your dreams.  I am excited about raising funds for organizations that instill this belief in young people.  I have made a conscious choice to dedicate my life to the service of others.”
  – Geoff Faerber
  • Geoff loved Gardiner
  • Geoff loved to challenge his body
  • Geoff loved to help kids and people achieve more than they thought possible—especially if they had a background or handicap issue that makes life more difficult for them.
flying pig campstore
Geoff and Liza Faerber built the Flying Pig Adventure Company into a wonderful adventure company but never lost the focus that they wanted to challenge kids to do what they never believed they could do.


aydeGeoff fought depression.  When it first struck at about age 20, he fought back with Achieve Your Dreams Expedition in which he, Nate Paulson, Woody Miller, and David Bradley paddled 2-two man sea kayaks from Yellowstone National Park to the Gulf of Mexico in 110 days. Along the way they stopped to deliver motivational messages to groups of kids and they touched countless lives.

“I believe that this expedition is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate that great obstacles can be overcome through the pursuit of your dreams. I am also very excited by the possibility of raising funds for organizations that instill this belief in young people.”
Geoff lost his battle in 2011.  Geoff loved to push his body to the max.  He loved to run, hike, kayak, bike. ski, and did it all to the extreme.  He loved working with kids.
The goal of the Big Bear Stampede is to to have a fun annual challenge event in Gardiner.