Come to the historic Roosevelt Arch entrance to Yellowstone Park.
Run a challenging 5k or 8K at altitude average of 6,200 feet and vertical climbs enough to challenge any level!


Nick Ricardi has plotted out this course AND HE PROMISES IT IS A CHALLENGE FOR ANYONE!


We promise you a day packed with challenge, amazing views, fun, and a great breakfast and adventure filled day after your run! AND YOU can help raise awareness of depression as a life-threatening illness.


Make sure to join us Friday night for our guest speaker Victoria Maxwell.



1. To create awareness that depression can be an acute illness which needs to lose the stigma that surrounds it. 
**A portion of our funds will go toward Park county educational and Gardiner School and community efforts concerning education of  awareness of depression signs And suicide prevention.  We will work with NAMI and AFSP and Western Montana Mental Health Centers, and the State of Montana’s Suicide prevention plans in this effort. 


2. To share the belief that great obstacles can be overcome by a passionately pursuing dreams and by setting goals which stretch  one’s capabilities. 
**This was a belief of Geoff Faerber’s and our goal is to fulfill this by using a portion of the funds to sponsor bringing persons to Gardiner who are facing great obstacles in life: handicaps, cancer, depression, and underprivileged  through Eagle Mount and Western Montana Mental Health Center.


3. To have a fun and challenging competitive event in Gardiner Montana that brings the community together and encourages “visitors” to join our cause.

501C # 20-5581763